Radheiot was established in the year 2000. Since then we have been dedicated to manufacturing the latest industrial products. We are the leading safety ladder manufacturer and supplier in India. We manufacture and supply safety ladders all over the world. All our raw materials are shipped from reputed vendors. Our products go through various safety checks before they are ready to be supplied in the market.

safety ladders

What is a Safety Ladder?

A safety ladder system is a type of fixed ladder which are designed to ensure complete safety while handling materials in a production line. It is specially designed to keep in mind the workers so that they don’t fall off accidentally while working. Sometimes safety ladders have wheels and are portable from one place to another. The wheels can be locked, when work is in progress. 

Safety Measures to Keep in Mind

Climbing a ladder is a very easy task, often taken for granted. But a single slip can put lives in danger. Let’s take a look at its safety measures

  1. Choose the correct set of safety ladders.
  2. Check for any missing screws or bolts before you use them.
  3. Make sure to lock the wheels before you climb up the safety ladder.
  4. Don’t pull or drag the ladder when persons are standing on the ladder.
  5. Avoid usage on slippery floors.

Storage and Maintenance

Though safety ladders need very low maintenance but to keep it in proper weather conditions, the following things must be ensured.

  1. They should be kept in a dry place
  2. Cleaning must be done regularly
  3. Th removing parts should be checked and should be oiled when necessary
  4. The climbing surface should be kept fully dry.
  5. If ladders are defective, they must be marked and kept out of reach.
  6. No ropes or wires should be done to bind broken ladders


Brand RADHEIoT (Demo Table)
MaterialStainless Steel
Frequency -
Belt Width10
Automation GradeAutomatic
Operating Speed2-3 m/s
Length10-20 feet
Structure Heavy-duty
Standard Weight Capacity 50 Kg/Feet