The L Sealer with shrink tunnel machine is used in many industries. We are a preeminent L Sealer with shrink tunnel machine manufacturer based in India. Since 2000 we manufacture & supply our L sealer shrink wrap machine worldwide. Our product is appreciated by our valuable customers. All our customers are very happy with the quality & operation of our L Sealer with shrink tunnel.

We provide two types of L sealers machines fully automatic & semi-automatic all products are made from high-quality materials. We always get the raw materials from the well-known & reputed vendors. In post-production, all our products go through industry-standard quality checks. At Radheiot, we try to provide quality products to our customers.

l sealer with shrink tunnel

Usage of L sealers with Shrink Tunnel

The L sealers with shrink tunnel machine use poly bags & heat to package the products. The L sealer machine has an attached shrink tunnel to heat shrink the poly bags. The product is inserted between the poly bags, then with the help of a conveyor, the product is conveyed to the attached heat shrink tunnel. Then the product comes out with the snug fit film wrapping. 

In semi-automatic, you will have to insert the product one by one & then push the button or pedal to allow the sealer to seal the film. Then the conveyor will carry the sealed product to the shrink tunnel. It will automatically shrink the film & from another side of the tunnel, you will receive the product.  Here down below we have provided both specifications & benefits of our L sealers with Shrink Tunnel. 

Benefits of L sealers with Shrink Tunnel

These are the major benefits of L sealers with Shrink Tunnel. Scroll down and take a note

  • It is small & compact 
  • Easy installation 
  • It consumes less power 
  • Improves productivity 
  • Reduces wastage of wrapping films 
  • Provides you the good finished product
  • It comes in two variations semi-automatic & automatic
  • One semi-skilled person can operate  stretch wrapping machines

Applications of L sealers with Shrink Tunnel

  • Product packaging lines
  • Warehouses
  • Electrical components
  • Multi packed books
  • Small products
  • Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Products
  • Medical Equipment
  • Cosmetics
  • Automobile Components


Brand RADHEIoT (Demo Table)
MaterialStainless Steel
Frequency -
Belt Width10
Automation GradeAutomatic
Operating Speed2-3 m/s
Length10-20 feet
Structure Heavy-duty
Standard Weight Capacity 50 Kg/Feet