We are renowned in the field of the packaging industry. We are a renowned carton sealer machine manufacturer and we also supply superior quality carton sealer machines. The materials needed to manufacture the continuous band sealers are all shipped from reputed vendors. Our final products are checked for any defects according to industrial standards. At Radheiot, we cater to customer needs flawlessly.

Sealer Machine

Using Carton Sealer Machine

This electric type-driven machine can operate manually and also can be used in the existing production line. The machine is very easy to handle, the operator just needs to fold the carton and place it on the machine. It has an easy run and has low maintenance. The height and width of the machine can be adjusted manually. The machine can easily be used in the field of technology, general merchandise, foodstuff, and chemical industries.

Benefits of Carton Sealer Machine

This automatic or semiautomatic sealer machine is used to seal carton boxes using adhesive tape. Suing a sealer machine comes with a range of advantages.

  1. Less adhesive tapes are used.
  2. The carton remains safe without excessive movements.
  3. Productivity is increased.
  4. The right amount of pressure is applied to seal the tape, so no risks of leakage.
  5. High tensile strength and low maintenance.
  6. Adjust the sealing of the height and width using your hand according to the carton size.
  7. The operation is economical, smooth, and fast.


The High-quality double motor makes it long-lasting and needs low maintenance. Also, the conveyor roller makes it easy for handling cartons. All these specifications are for a standard Sealer machine.  

Brand RADHEIoT (Demo Table)
MaterialStainless Steel
Frequency -
Belt Width10
Automation GradeAutomatic
Operating Speed2-3 m/s
Length10-20 feet
Structure Heavy-duty
Standard Weight Capacity 50 Kg/Feet