Tire Carousel is a vertical storage carousel that is designed to store tires & retrieve tires. We are one of the distinguished manufacturers of Tire carousels based in India. In our manufacturing plant, we manufacture & supply both Semi-automatic & automatic tire carousels. The tire carousel uses overhead space, & helps you to manage 75% of floor space.

Tire Carousel

Usage of Tire Carousel

The tire carousel is used in tire warehouses & showrooms, it is an ultimate storing solution for storing, arranging, & displaying the tires. Each tire is accessible at the touch of the button. The Tire carousel is used to eliminate the harmful bending positions, retrieve the tires with one button, eliminating the ladders & forklifts.

Benefits of Tire Carousel

  • Quick Retrieval Time 
  • Eliminates Ladders & forklift 
  • Saves 75% Floor space 
  • Faster Operations
  • Increases the Picking Accuracy 
  • Reduces Manual Handling
  • It can store tires with or without rim.
  • Increases safety 

Applications of Tire Carousel

  • Tire Warehouses
  • Tire Retailers
  • Automotive Dealerships & Service Centers

Specifications of Tire Carousel

Brand RADHEIoT (Demo Table)
MaterialStainless Steel
Frequency -
Belt Width10
Automation GradeAutomatic
Operating Speed2-3 m/s
Length10-20 feet
Structure Heavy-duty
Standard Weight Capacity 50 Kg/Feet